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HIQ-E4 Label Printer

Why this printer?

As the "baby" of the HIQA4+, the HiQ-e4 printer is designed to be quick and very user-friendly to operate. Using the same technology, and featuring a fast and silent operation, the "e4" produces labels of a truly high quality!

What is CombiPly tape?

CombiPly has been specifically developed to be thin, supple and comfortable for the wearer; of particular importance when labelling clothing for the elderly. When combined with the HiQ-e4 printer, the result is a high quality printed label with any combination of text or barcode.

In addition to its uses in the healthcare sector, CombiPly also has the added advantage of being ironable through a calendar process. Even after many washings and ironings, the label retains its high resolution print quality without fading or smudging, making it ideal for industrial wash processes up to a maximum temperature of 95°c.

CombiPly is supplied in a package containing 100m of labels and ink, and can be supplied in a range of sizes:

Pre-cut, suitable for the full HiQ printer range including the HiQ-e4:

  • 38 mm x 12.7 mm (approx. 7,800 labels per pack)
  • 41 mm x 16 mm (approx. 6,300 labels per pack)
  • 63 mm x 12.7 mm (approx. 7,800 labels per pack)

The HiQ-e4 also supports Med-Low perforated tape. This is similar to CombiPly tape, but can be applied using a domestic iron, and is designed to withstand domestic wash up to 40°c.


With our user-friendly Make Your Mark software it is very simple to design and print a label in seconds.

Compatible Media

Pre-cut tapes only

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Sealing Instructions: A General Guide

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